Zanzibar Pictures

Flower on the beach in Nungwi

My closet - Yes, 14 pair of shoes

My bed

Restaurant where we relaxed after a long day of school

Ashley, Jenn, Keavy

Stacey, Kara, Liz

Mr. Bean?

Ashley and I having an "American" freakout moment at the "American Corner"

The winding streets of Stonetown

Saffron Ice Cream

Old Fort in Stonetown

Dinner at Forodhani - Baby shark, barracuda, mahi mahi, garlic naan and vegetable simosas with
fresh-squeezed ginger lime juice

Our bungalow in Nungwi - weekend getaway

View from the porch

Our bungalow

Sunset in Nungwi

Dhow boat - made locally

Peaceful afternoon on the beach