Thursday, October 13, 2011

Top 10 Best Moments in Zanzibar (so far)

 I realize creating this list now is a bit like Brittany Spears releasing her album Greatest Hits: My Prerogative (2004) after only 5 years and 4 pop albums.  But I'm gonna go ahead and release the list anyway...mostly because my friends and I need some comic relief.

So here it is:

10.  Throwing up – with style - over the side of the dhow on the way back from Prison Island.
9.  Laughing until I was crying – or crying until I was laughing – with Ash over pili pili Indian food we couldn’t afford, while shoving a granola bar in my mouth as quickly as I could to stop the burn.
8.  Stacey: “Rebekah, are you sitting on the termites?”  Me: emotional breakdown
7.  Roger losing his wallet…can someone please send us a t-shirt to Zanzibar that says "Drama Queen"?!?
6.  Scaling the wall with Rog and Ash on the beach in Page…thank God we had that snack break for Ashley first or we would have never made it over the wall
5.  Sitting with Jenn, recalling our first days with the whole group (all 26 of us) in Stonetown.  Me:  "We must have looked like idiots, walking around this small town in a giant group like tourists."  Jenn:  "OMG!  You could see our giant white blob on f*#%ing Google Maps!"
4.  Keavy:  “Well, no.  I mean, I think when it prints it comes out on edible paper.”
3.  Bonding over rummy with Rog and Ash: “Upthegrove?!”
2.  First weekend in Nungwi: Ashley passing out in the tire; Rog schmuckin’ out on dinner; Jenn giving us a look in the rear view (mirror); my (bad) advice to Ashley – “Just text him and say ‘Please stop calling me’”; Jenn’s text saying school was cancelled (Good lookin’ out, Jenn)
1.  Taking a hot shower…oh wait, that hasn’t happened yet.

Thanks, peeps, for a hella good first 6 weeks!

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