Thursday, December 22, 2011

So Much to Share, So Little Space!

So much is happening so fast here in Germany that I could probably write a blog post every day - that is, if I wasn't so tired by the time I got back to my room at night!  I have a lot to catch you up on.

This past Friday I left Munich for Nuremberg, Germany, home of what I am told is the oldest and best Christmas market in all of Germany - if not the world.  I knew my stop in Nuremberg would be short, so I quickly dropped my bags off at my hotel, bundled up and hopped the train back to the "Old Town".  From the moment I left the station I was transported back to earlier times.  Nuremberg is quaint and cozy; every corner of the town tastefully decorated for the Christmas season.

I followed the path of Christmas lights straight into the town center and found the Christmas Market and my mug of gluhwein.

The night was extremely windy and, as a result, a bit chilly, but the scheduled carol band was brave enough to face the cold.  I stood in the town square, enjoying my mug of gluhwein and listening to some of my favorite carols.  Watching the band struggle to keep warm brought back memories of my marching band days in Wisconsin.  There is nothing like trying to keep a brass instrument warm on a freezing cold winter day - I give these guys credit.  The music was beautiful.  Standing in that square listening to the music that night will always be a special Christmas memory for me.

Of course, while I was in the market I grabbed a snack - or two:

And, I even exhibited a bit of restraint, passing by the chocolate covered goodies stall:
There is so much to see in Nuremberg and by the time I had wandered through all of the markets....

...I was ready for dinner at Nuremberg's Original Bratwursthaus.

Saturday morning, I met my friend Emilie for coffee in Nuremberg.  I literally have not seen her since we graduated from the 8th grade together.  Thanks to Facebook and a mutual love for adventure, somehow we were able to reconnect in Germany.  We ended up having so much to talk about and I lost track of time.  At 1:08 pm I looked at my clock.  My train to Salzburg was scheduled to leave at 1:10 pm.  Oops.  We booked it to the train station and I was able to catch the next train out, arriving in Salzburg only an hour later than I had originally planned.

By the time I arrived I only had about an hour before the Christmas markets closed up for the night and when I saw the suite I was upgraded to, I almost stayed in for the night.

I'm glad I didn't!  I ended up walking around the town for a bit and then heading down to Salzburg's Oldest Beer Cellar for a comfort food dinner of Weiner Schnitzel and a good, dark brew.

I know it may seem like I'm eating and drinking a LOT here...but at least I didn't order this:
The next morning (Sunday), I woke up early so that I could visit the Christkindlmarkt, Sound of Music sights and take the tram up to the Festung Hohensalzburg - the fortress at the top of the old town.  This blog is getting long - again - so I'll give you the highlights in pictures.  After all, they say they're worth a thousand words, right?

Not sure how they get these to grow in winter

Fountain from the Sound of Music

Not really sure what this is all about, but I liked him!

Mirabell Gardens with the Festung in the background

Old Town - Alstadt

Thought this was pretty crazy...until my bro explained it to me.

From the Festung - Alps in the background


Me at the Christkindlmarkt

Had no idea what I was ordering, but it looked good - it was.

Stay tuned for more tomorrow...the best is yet to come!  This week has been pretty great.  I'm off to Marienplatz for some dinner, gluhwein and Christmas music in the market.  Merry Christmas, friends!


  1. Hi Sweet Rebekah! It looks like you are having a wonderful time and I am enjoying visiting Germany through your eyes...although I really wish you would have gone to Ireland so I could see THAT! lol

    Your upgraded room was beautiful..I would have stayed in for sure. I'll leave the horn on the front porch for you to get it nice and cool in case you want to pop by after your trip!

    Take good care- Love and Merry Christmas- xo Diana

  2. Becki, we don't mind long blogs!!! Blog away! So much fun to read about and see what you've been doing!!!!!