Monday, January 24, 2011

Please Vote!

Hello friends.

Short post today.  I added some web links to the side bar of the blog.  Many of you have asked about KIWAKKUKI and Ally's orphanage in Arusha - Good Hope Orphanage.  Feel free to check out their websites.

There are 3 Norwegian girls working at KIWAKKUKI with me and Bree who entered a competition in Norway to earn funding for a cause.  From what I understand there are nearly 700 applicants, but KIWAKKUKI is currently in 20th place.  There are 3 grand prize winners who receive approximately $8300 USD.  If KIWAKKUKI can make it into the top 10, we have a great shot of being selected as a winner by the final jury.  The cause is quite unique compared to many of the other entrants.

I am including the directions Lene gave me to vote:
The page is in Norwegian but I do think it's easy to vote anyway. Just underneath the picture you will see that you can vote on facebook and on email. Just press the button and it will take you to next level. If you oress on facebook, it just gets registrated. If email, a new page will pop up and ask for you email address. Then it will send a link to your email that you have to press. Of course we wish that peolpe will vote both on facebook and on email.

If some one should have any problems, just ask them to email me, and I will type in what's nessassary. Ask them to mark it "competition"

Thanks in advance to everyone for your help!


  1. I voted two times and posted it to my Facebook! :) Thank you so much for the links. I'm reading them now.

  2. I voted...I pressed the facebook button. I noticed that the number changed so I think I did it correctly.

  3. Cool side note...if you go to the link using Google Chrome it will give you the option to translate the page into English!

    Oh...and I voted too!